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How Do you Temporarily Block Websites on Google Chrome

Today i will Learn about you how can i temporarily block a website on google chrome.easy way block now any website in your google chrome friends follow this instruction Temporarily Block Websites Google Chrome?

There are many reasons why you could block a website. You may want to prevent your children from accessing banned sites or want to concentrate better on the job and not let distracting sites take you away. Whatever the reasons, there are several ways to prevent unwanted web sites from appearing. Here are several extensions that you can use to block websites in Chrome.

How Can i Temporarily Block a Website on Google Chrome

Step 1: Launch your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Go now this Extension Block sites.

Step 3: Click the “Add to Chrome” The extension will be installed to Chrome, and its icon will display to the right of the address bar.. 


Step 4: Go to website If you want to block . Example: I’ll block Facebook. I went to Facebook

Step 5: Right click mouse anywhere Select Block site> Add current site to blacklist


Step 6: That’s ok. Whenever you visit the blocked website you see this notification.



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