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How to See Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

See viewed facebook profile Today I will show you a new Facebook Trick to see who views Facebook Profile Visitors. This is not Officially Permitted by Facebook but many of Geeks or Computer Worms find a Way to Check your Profile Visitors who are, Facebook has not Added this Cool Feature because they do not want to Reveal Information about Profile Visitors. Now on the Internet, this is the very Popular trick to Track your Facebook Profile Visitor. People want to Know who is Open Their Profiles and get their Pictures and Status. It is very Cool Trick that You Can Now find who is Visit on my Facebook Profile.


Who Viewed My Facebook Profile information?

  • Officially Facebook not want that a User enables to see who is visited on Their Facebook Profile.
  • who is Open Their Profiles and get their Pictures and Status.
  • But Geeks Are Find a way to Reveal your Facebook Profile Visitor.
  • It is amazing Facebook Trick. You can know who is Viewing your Facebook Profile.
  • The best and Simple way to Check Facebook Profile visitor.


Note:  you will try chrome extensions used and see who is viewed your profile. Here is Chrome Extensions Profiles visitors for Facebook. Some people is Complain these extensions is not working, here is Profile visitor for Facebook Extensions Review and your providers who is best How to See who viewed your Facebook Profile.

I will suggest ( CTRL+F and Search InitialChatFriendsList ) this method  is better, because Facebook Extensions Review you check now and you will suggest now who is better. Good Luck



How to Check who views My Facebook Profiles see who viewed facebook profile

Step 1: Log in your Facebook Account.

Step 2: Stay on Facebook Home Page. But If you are not Go to Facebook Home.

Step 3: Press CTRL+U or You can also Do it Press Right Click Select Open Source Code. and a New Tab Open, where you See the Source Code of Facebook Page.

Step 4: Now Press CTRL+F and Search InitialChatFriendsList and You will show get the Many Profile ID’s. You can Pick up any ID to see who is visit your Profile. In Below Picture You see that.

see viewed facebook profile


There are many people who view Facebook profiles secretly.

See now who is visit my profile and Paste in Browser URL and See People Who Watching you. Just Example:(



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