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How to See Poke History and Check Who Pokes you on Facebook

This aponu teaches for you, how to see who poked me on facebook mobile. and also guide how to check pokes on facebook android or iphone app. follow the instruction and get see poke history check pokes facebook on your computer or phone user.

Where do you check your pokes on Facebook? see poke history check pokes facebook

How to See Who Poked me on Facebook Computer User
How to See Who Poked me on Facebook Phone User

A “push” on the social networking site Facebook is used to attract the attention of another user – there are no established rules on how pokes can be used, but can be used as simple reminders, as friendly greetings and for many other purposes. Facebook friends who have been punched will appear on the side of the News Feed when you log in first, and if you wish, you can also receive email notifications of pokes. You can choose to return, hide or ignore each poke message.

How Can i See Who Poked me on Facebook For Computer

Step 1: Get the Facebook. Log in your account

Step 2: Look up the “Left side ” see the “Explore” under, click the “See more

Step 3: See the “Pokes”. Click the Pokes See the all pokes history. You can get this direct poke page

Step 4: That’s it.



How Can i See Who Poked me on Facebook For Phone

Step 1: Launch Facebook App or Browser Log in Account

Step 2: Tap on “Menu” button

Step 3: Tap on “App” under “See all” arrow page. Scroll down see the apps

Step 4: Tap on “Pokes”. And you can see you’r all pokes history.

Step 5: That’s it.  You can get this direct poke page



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