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How to Reset or Restore on Opera Setting to Default

This aponu teaches for you How do I restore opera? How do you reset your browser. And How do you change settings in opera?so friends follow the instruction and Reset-restore opera setting default. In this tutorial How do I reset Opera to default.

Resetting your browser to its default state can often fix problems. For example, a program you install may change your search engine, install toolbar’s, and do other unwelcome things. Or you may have accidentally changed advanced settings on your own. Learn how to easily reset Opera browser to its default settings. by restoring Opera default settings you can roll back unwanted changes made by browser hijackers or by other adware.


How do I reset Opera to default.and Reset-restore opera setting default

Step 1: Launch your “Opera”. Click the “Menu” icon. And Select “About Opera


Step 2: You’r see the “Paths”. Paths under “Profile: C:\Users\city computer\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable”. This path profile in your opera database. Close your opera then go to computer folder


Step 3: Go in your computer folder in: “C:\Users\city computer\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable”.  AppData folder is hidden folder you can’t find Appdata How do i find AppData folder.

Step 4: Open the “Opera Stable” folder and Select all file and click “Delete” it. Must be opera is closing

Step 5: That’s it.



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