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How to Remove Message Button on Facebook Timeline?

Remove message button facebook timeline Hi Today i will show you How to Remove Message Button on Facebook Timeline ? some Facebook users  don’t know How to hide message button from the Facebook Timeline ? Simple way Hide and Remove Facebook message button on your profile timeline.

How Can I Hide message icon from my profile on Facebook?

Some people are talk this:  Unfortunately, you can’t remove the “Message” button now. Some time back, Facebook removed the option to set who can message you. More recently, they removed all message settings. All you can now do is wait until someone messages you, then block them. You have to give options to hide message button because of everyone wants its privacy and don’t want to see messages from unknown persons, do major steps to activate this privacy as soon as possible.

I will resolve your Problem How to Hide Facebook Message Button on your Account Timeline profile? So lets enjoy

Now you can remove you message button from facebook account… Facebook Timeline for came up with an option, Message Button on timeline .This option allows the all person of facebook to send messages from your, which are only readable by the, You can disable this option.By disabling the message option for your timeline , the members of the fans will not see any message button when they view the page. You can again enable the message option anytime when you want to.

How to hide message button from the Facebook Timeline ?

Step to step follow now and that simple way Hide or Remove Message Button on your Facebook Timeline

Step 1:  Log in Your Facebook Account

Step 2:  Go to your Account Profile

Step 3: Select Profile About, and see now your Basic Information.

Step 4: Select a Date of Birth change and make it under 18, old (check box to confirm i’m below 18 ) and  Save Changes.

Step 5: then change your date of birth and make it under 18 it will automatically remove message buttom 
but remember your friends can see message buttom

Step 6: you all Done it. Lets Enjoy 


If you hope are very helpful this post Remove message button Facebook Timeline ? please leave it comments. If you any questions on Facebook so comments it

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