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How to Qualify Google Adsense For Blogger to Check Eligibility Adsense

This aponu teaches….  how to qualify for adsense through blogger on your blogspot site or website blog. check qualify google adsense blogger check eligibility adsense. friends read this article, know what is the minimum requirement for applying to AdSense account.

How much traffic do you need to start with Adsense
How many posts are required to get approved by adsense
What does domain age matters in adsense approval

AdSense is the easiest way for bloggers or webmasters to start making money. that allows publishers (anyone wanting to put ads on their websites) to insert a small amount of HTML into their sites and have ads appear that are targeted and relevant to the content of the site. Who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.



How to qualify for adsense through blogger and Google adsense eligibility Check

Here is 10 information to check your blogspot and domain website to eligibility to participate in adsense. I will suggest you are follow 10 guide then apply google adsense. 100% sure you will get an adsense account:-

#1: Do you Owner Site,Blogspot or Website?

You need to have site to apply google adsense for blogspot or host website must be you are owner these site. Remember this you can get google adsense account once time to  using your  name and your address . Google don’t a permission to using the multiple sdsense account.


#2: Are you 18 years Old?

You are applying google adsense must be you’r 18 years old, then you can apply adsense account. adsense publisher don’t allow the 18 years under people. If you are below 18 .. then you can apply Adsense with the name of your parents. And you can take your Adsense income from your parents’ account,


#3: Improve your Site Alexa Rank?

Alexa is an  provides commercial web traffic data and analytics to global rank generate. each site has ranking number, the lower the number the better, This traffic is based on such parameters as reach and page views. you can find the alexa rank of your own site, you first make your site alexa rank under 2,000,000. Then apply google adsense… The lower your alexa rank, the better your adsense account will be approve..  improve alexa ranking.


#4: Article Content Guidelines?

(A). Adsense Supported Languages?

You cannot be approved for an unsupported language. Publishers displaying ads on unsupported languages probably obtained their account with a site(s) with supported languages,Google publisher products do not support all languages. Applications for participation in these programs can be for sites with content primarily in the following languages.

(B). Avoid Prohibited and illeagal Article?

You must avoid illegal article content that people are now hatefull, sexual. Be careful with what type of content you are publishing. Because it is something that truly matters.Here are some common content types that are not accepted by AdSense.. Prohibited content

  • Porn, Adult material
  • Violent content
  • Racial content
  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Gambling/Casino
  • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
  • Pages selling Weapons and ammunition

(C). Copyright Material

Google ads may not be displayed on websites with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display or direct traffic to that content. some examples of copyrighted content might include and blog post and literary works. when a website displays someone else’s website within a frame or window on their own site, this is considered framing content. placing google ads on such pages is strictly prohibited… Copyright Material

#5: Minimum Traffic Requirements?

At first generate now you’r site traffic to legal sources like social media, search engines, and related blogs. then apply google adsense. because the more visitors you have, the more income you have. I am not sure to visitors at matter in adsense approva.. In my view, many people got Adsense with 100 to 500 Visitors. But I will tell you, you need to minimum “1000” daily visitors and monthly “60000” thousand page views.


#6: You will need Some Posts?

There are no hard-and-fast rules about it. Some blogs are accepted with as few as fifteen or twenty posts, some are rejected which have hundreds…  that means, in practice, writing perhaps two or three posts every week over a period of six months.  even one post per week might be sufficient, if they are good quality posts which attract visitors from search engines.

What you should not do is attempt to write twenty or thirty posts in the space of a day or two. You’r  site must have some good number of post minimum 25-30 unique and well-researched posts. Your blog posts length should be at least 600+ words with quality content.


#7: You will need some Pages?

To be successful with adsense, you need pages with unique content that’s relevant to your visitors and provides a great user experience. Before you apply to AdSense, we recommend you check out our tips below to make sure your pages are in good shape… The same goes for the AdSense application. If we do not have these pages, Google will consider our website a false source. In simple words, these pages will increase the confidence flow of your website. It will be confirmed to Google that the actual person is managing this site.

  • Privacy & Policy.
  • Contact us.
  • Terms of Use.
  • About Us.


#8: Index your Site Search Engine?

At first add your website or blogspot to search engine. Submit now your xml sitemap page on Google Bing and Yandex search engine. And to get more organic traffic from search engine. To applying Google adsense you need to organic organic organic visitor from search engine on your site. The organic traffic is defined as visitors coming from a search engine, such as Google, Bing and other search engine.


#9: Add your Site Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools. adding google analytics code on your website is a trusted factor for the approval…  adding analytics onto your website show that you are actively tracking your visitors and is much serious about the statistics of your users who visit your websiteGet analytics.


#10: At Least Domain Age?

I am not sure to domain age at matters in adsense approval. However Google said that the domain must be 6 months old for adsense approval. I will share my experience, domain age not matters. matters is your site Visitors , Content, Global rank… Which source come to visitor to your site, What is your site about to writing article, How much your site’s alexa rank



You will apply all the above information to your site, 100% sure you can get adsense account. If for some reason adsense is not approve, then you may fix errors on your blog based on the adsense denied email. then you apply adsense again. of course you will get of adsense.

We hope this post for adsense approved and qualify google adsense blogger check eligibility adsense please share this article and leave’s it’s comment’s below!!

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