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The Most Popular Big Facebook Group In Bangladesh  

Facebook is a very popular social networking site with over 1 billion users. Facebook has regularly become a part-and-parcel of our regular lives, and so has one of the most useful features offered by this social networking site: Facebook Groups. But as the platform grows, so does the number of groups. In such circumstances, which ones should you join? Here is list popular big facebook group bangladesh.

In this article, we are bringing you most popular Bangladeshi Facebook Groups that you should join right away!

Do Something Exceptional (DSE)

DSE is one of the biggest and helpful group from Bangladesh, which was created to help the people of Bangladesh with anything and everything under the sun. From this group you can find any kind of help where a lot of people always ready to help you at any time. And also you can seek and discuss about any kind of relevant things.



Travelers of Bangladesh (ToB)

ToB is one of the coolest and informatic travel group from Bangladesh.There are around 869,290 peoples in this group where most of the people travel different types of place in Bangladesh also different country places. And they put their review about the place which they visit in this review you will get complete direction and information about the place which can easily motivate you to travel. And they also spread positivity from this group


Grasshoppers (গ্র্যাসহপার্স)

In this group, people share their photography. People also review gears to help everyone purchase something that suits best for his requirement. And people buy and sell used or new gears from fellow members. And main best thing about this group is you can learn photography there is a lot of talented photographer in this group who will help you to learn photography.



Food Bloggers BD

Food Bloggers is the fruition of the evolving food industry of Bangladesh (especially Dhaka city) and the necessity of a platform to let the consumers know about the pros and cons of the restaurants scattered across the country. Indeed, there are other such platforms on Facebook, but Food bloggers is the one that has managed to gain the attention of such a large number of food-lovers in a comparatively short period of time. Become a member of this group, and you can learn about different restaurants, their best offerings, price range, quality of food and service and much more. You can also post your own review of a place with a snapshot of the food with it to the group!big facebook group bd



Care For Paws

❝CARE FOR PAWS❞ is a non-profit Animal Welfare Organization in Bangladesh,big facebook group bd. working for the betterment of helpless stray animals. They rehabilitate animals that have been neglected, abused and injured on the street. With the help of volunteers and Vets, their organization coordinates and intervenes directly to rescue animals from harmful situations. CARE FOR PAWS is the first Animal Welfare Organization Registered under Ministry of Social Welfare-Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Their mission: make powerful relations between human and animals visible to start a process of love and empathy towards vulnerable and less fortunate animals on street and establish nurturing relation between human and animals.

Their Vision: A society in which human & non-human animals will be able to live together in a harmonious way and help each other . The members in our organization are animal lovers , who deeply care and empathize for animals .They believe that taking care for animals reflects upon a modern , civilized society in which values like love , empathy and respect towards another life are given importance.



সিনেমাখোরদের আড্ডা(Cinema addict hangout)

Love movies? Try this group. Created and used by about forty-thousand movie-lovers of Bangladesh, this platform is the perfect place to get reviews—in Bangla—of literally any movie, be that a classic or a new release. You can learn a lot of new things about your favorite stars, and get cool recommendations of your favorite genre right in this one place.



Desperately Seeking Dhaka – DSD

DSD was created to help the people of Dhaka with anything and everything under the sun, be that reselling your used products or finding useful information. You can be a member of that group and seek help from the 199,181 people present on DSD, but you must not be doing anything illegal, of course.



Evergreen Bangladesh

Evergreen Bangladesh is most probably the biggest group from Bangladesh which has around 21,296,066 members. In this group you can find various type of post like news, viral videos, top trend etc. if anyone post about you in this group you will get famous at a glance. Because it has huge amount of members. This is the most famous group from Bangladesh . You can find funny content, funny videos from this group.



প্রোগ্রামিং প্রবলেম (Programming Problem in Bengali)

If you are a programmer and you having problem with your code then this the right place for you, you can find various type problem and solution from this group. In this group there is lots of talented programmer who can always help you with their solution. And in this group with the every bengali occasion  there will be programming contest. Which is judge and set by the admins from this group.



Android Army BD

If you are a android user and you having problem with your phone you can post about your problem, with in a minute you will get solution for your problem from this group, in this there is lots of android expert who always ready to help you, and from this group you will get all of the paid apps free version. And also if you want to buy a new phone and you are confused then you can easily get help from this group. You just have to post about your problem that’s it .




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