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How to Message Someone on Facebook Without Being Friends

This aponu teaches for you, How do i send a message to someone’s inbox without being friends? And How do I message someone on Facebook without becoming friends. Follow the instruction and Send message someone facebook without friends for computer and phone user

How do i message someone facebook without friends

Can You Send Somebody a Message on Facebook Without Being Friends With Them? Depending on a person’s privacy settings, you may not be able to see much of your Facebook profile if they are not friends with it. While you can find a person, however, you can send them a private message. This feature is very useful if you want to register with someone before sending a friend request, possibly to confirm the identity of the person. It may also be helpful to know a person before you make friends with them on the social networking site.

How Can you Send a Message to Someone on Facebook Without Being Their Friend

Step 1: Launch Facebook App or Browser, Log in Account.

Step 2: Go to person profiles page.if you want to send messages.

Step 3: Click the “Messages” button.

Step 4: Write a message in the field, Click the “Send” button. Or Hit enter

Step 5: That’s it.


Note: You cant’t see messages options, you’r understand people have their privacy settings set such that only friends of friends or only friends can message them.



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