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How do I find the owner of a lost or stolen iPhone?

What to do if you find a lost iPhone

Find owner lost stolen iphone Anyhow, if the owner has enabled a passcode lock, – returning a lost or stolen iPhone is easier than you might imagine. Still, you have found the iPhone fully functional, we can help some tricks you think you might be quick to get in touch with the original owner got!

How to get in touch with the find owner lost stolen iphone

If you somehow end up in the possession of a lost or stolen iPhone, then, it’s not always clear what you should do. Sadly, sometimes it is a public establishment of a not-so-honest person behind the counter gets stolen, or turn it into a customer sees that you are turning to an iPhone. If you want to take matters into your own hands, but in order to make sure that it is the rightful owner until the end, here are some things we’d suggest trying to contact them directly.

1. If a passcode lock, check their recent calls

No one likes to invade someone else’s privacy, but at the end of the day, there are exceptions if you’re serious about returning the iPhone’s got to be a little bit. Just open the phone application pop-ups and regular contact with a number of recent tips to look for. Chances are, it’s like a home, work, or touch a label to be her husband.

However, if there is no passcode lock! The introduction of Touch ID (and subsequent expansion), with the passcode, have been far more common.

2. If there is a passcode, ask Siri for help

Most people do not understand that, even if you have your iPhone with a passcode lock, you do things like place a call or send messages to bypass it – unless, of course, they have disabled this functionality setting. However, it is a bit of a pain in Serie grill. Here are some things you hold down the home button from the lock screen, you can try to ask Siri:

  • “call home.”
  • “call mom.”
  • “There is no father.”

The owner of the relationship, “if my wife calls,” or you can try things like “call my partner.”

3. Keep the device powered on and answer incoming calls

One thing you absolutely want to make sure you keep the iPhone charged and powered on. More often than not, once the owner of the iPhone is able to understand them, they’ll try to call it from another phone. As odd as it is to answer a call that is not yours, it’s in your best interest to have both. If someone is calling them, the odds are that they will use you more relevant information. And if you’re really lucky, it’ll be the owner of the other side of the line.

4. Find the IMEI or MEID, and interact with their carrier

IMEI is a number unique to each iPhone (or for some CDMA phones MEID) it has been drawn somewhere. You can use this information to track down the owner of the owner of the carrier and contact them hope. It’s just best to visit the carrier’s stores, where they then grab the iPhone and can handle it from there. If you do not, then you can always contact your phone carrier and can start from there. Although they can not disclose information about the owner, they can help you track them down. iPhone is powered on, you can tell what they are carriers of the carrier’s name by looking at the top-left corner of the screen there. The name of the carrier signal will be displayed immediately to the right of the point.

IMEI or MEID there are ways to find information in many different ways:

  • Check the phone again. Back to Apple before the iPhone 6S, device IMEI printed on the bottom part.
  • Phone application type * # 06 #. IMEI will be displayed on the phone screen.
  • device to eject the SIM tray and flip it over. Look IMEI must be printed on the back tray.

Remember that even if you have an iPhone, you always different carriers in your area by calling the IMEI or MEID has a record to see if they can not have power. Since a lot of carriers in the area are not yet even close to the career of this process should be relatively easy to learn.

5. Find My iPhone messages

Lost my iPhone using any iPhone user mode, in which you can find lost iPhone to activate the lock, low-power mode, and disabling Apple Pay. You can also lock the phone will be able to leave a message on the screen.

Wake up to the iPhone and to find out what that person is the owner of the phone if you left a message.

A final note about the lost or stolen iPhone

Keep in mind that many iPhone owners can use Find My iPhone to track their device, or they can contact their carrier and to report it lost or stolen. The latter is the case, then that phone, you can activate a cellular network, not least in the United States.

No finders keepers rule when it comes to cell phones, such as lost property. Do not you find it and turn it in, then it could still be considered stolen. My iPhone is enabled and the owner of the track, if you are successful in this, they may have gotten involved in law enforcement. So, keep this in mind if you happen to stumble across a misplaced iPhone. decision

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