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How to Delete All Pending Comments on WordPress?

Hey aponu Fans, Today i will Guide for you Delete pending comments wordpress Single one Click And deleted All pending comments in your wordpress blog or website some pepole are boring fells Pending Comments one by one, so i will make a tutorial How to Delete All Pending Comments on WordPress? So Follow this Guide:-

How to Remove All Pending Comments on WordPress?

Some people come to the website after the read post, and some people do not read  post comments its afterwards back. Without Do not’s comment’s Post Related people are comment’s inbound links spam links anything The comment goes away. And the comment contains some inbound links that bounch the website goes from one website to another. So the site owner wants to delete these comments.

Deleting All Pending Comments on WordPress Plugings?

This is probably the least technical way to remove outstanding comments in WordPress, and one of the easiest ones. Simply install the Delete Pending Comments . The easiest way to install the add-on is to go to the Plugins page in the admin panel and then search for “Remove pending comments”. The plugin we recommend is the first one listed, although you will see several others that could be used. This plugin is a quick way to delete all pending comments. It’s useful for victims of spammer attacks.

Step by Step Follow this guide And Delete pending comments WordPress:-

Step 1: Download The Delete Pending Comments plugins.

Step 2: Stay Dashboard Select a Plugins >Add new >Upload Plugin >Choose file >Install now

Step 3: Active the Plugin.

Step 4: Click the Comments And simply click now Delete Pending Comments.

Step 5: Confirm now Delete Pending Comments And you Type the box (I am sure I want to delete all pending comments and realize this can’t be undone) And Click Delete Pending Comments

Step 6: All Done Enjoy.


We hope this post is very helpful Delete Pending Comments Single one Click And deleted All pending comments in your wordpress blog or website please leaves its comments.

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