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How to Change my Default Search Engine in Windows 7

Hey aponu Fans Today i will guide for you How to Set up a Default browser in Windows 7?. And also guide here how do i change default search engine windows 7? So friends follow And Read this Article And Setup your  Default browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser And your choose it’s.. It’s quite easy actually.

Most Windows-based computer systems come with Internet Explorer configured as the default browser. As you surf the Internet and become a more experienced computer user, you may find another web browser you would like to try. You may have downloaded and installed it to try it first. When you were installing the new browser, you might have asked if you want to make it the default browser. You answered no at that time because you wanted to try it first. Each time you open the new browser, you may have been asked if you want to make it the default browser, and if you answered no and clicked Do not ask again, the new browser will open when activated. Now you have decided that yes, I want to use this browser as my default web browser. Then what do you do?


How Do I Change the Default Browser in Windows 7 ?

So Friends Step to Step Follow this Article And Setup your  Default browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser And your choose:

Step 1: Go To Start Menu Click Control Panel.


Step 2: Click System And Security.


Step 3: At First Click Programs. And Click default Programs.


Step 4: Click Set your default Programs.


Step 5: wait And Then See now Your Installed Browser. Select now browser if you want to Make Default Search Engine. I will Set Google Chrome Browser Select Browser> Click Set this Programs as default> Click Ok

Step 6: All Done Enjoy.



We hope this post is help Setup your  Default browser Google Chrome, Morzilla Firefox, Opera Browser And your choose.Please leave it’s comment’s below

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