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How to Block a Words or Keywords on Google Chrome

Hi friends today i will guide for you how to block certain words from being searched. And also guide here how to block words on google searches. And also help this post how to block keywords on google chrome. So friends follow this instruction Block a Words or Keywords on Google Chrome browser.

How To Block Key-Words ,Certain Words,specific words on Google Chrome

How to Block Specific Words From Being Searchable in Google
How to Block Certain Words From Being Searched


Many of us have searched Google by writing bad words. The words we become addicted that lead us to bad, some examples: Facebook, YouTube, Adult, Porno and many other keywords, so we have to stay away from these words. Today I will show you how words can be blocked

Many of our family members search by writing bad words, so we will block them and the words for them. And kids will have to block these words from their computers.

How Do i Block Words Keywords Google Chrome

Step 1: Launch your Google Chrome Browser

Step 2: Direct Get this Link. And also do it copy the URL and paste Addres bar.


Step 3: Click the “Add to Chrome” The extension will be installed to Chrome, and its icon will display to the right of the address bar.. 


Step 4: Click the “Block site” icon. And then click “Options”. See now Top right corner.


Step 5: Open a “Block site” in new tab.Then Click “Blocked Words” Tab


Step 6: Turn On The “Custom List”. Enter now Words or Keywords if you want block. Enter the words in the fill box and then Click Add word.

Step 7: All Done Enjoy Whenever you Searched this blocked words you see this notification.



We hope this post is very helpful for How to Block a Words or Keywords on Google Chrome.please leaves its comments below.

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