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How Do I Block a Website on Mozilla Firefox

Hey aponu fans today i will show a how to block a website on my Firefox browser in my computer.and also guide here How do you temporarily block websites on Mozilla Firefox browser.So friends follow this instruction  any sites block website Mozilla Firefox

How do you temporarily block websites on Mozilla Firefox browser

How to block a website on Firefox
How can i block a website on Firefox
How do i block a website using mozilla firefox

The statistics are amazing – check out a useful info graphic here. Here are some amazing statistics: every minute you create 100+ new LinkedIn accounts, Facebook registers 277,000 times, YouTube gets 1.3 million video views and 320+ new Twitter accounts are created. Online website Their confidential hotline lets internet users report criminal online content such as child, sexual, abuse, images,video. That’s why we can block the website so that we can stop it from bad websites.So that I am obstructed for adult,Facebook,twitter and other bad effect website visiting

How Do you block website Mozilla Firefox

Block websites in Mozilla Firefox using Windows parental controls or Firefox third-party filtering extensions.So follow this Guide And Block now Any web-site on Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Launch your Mozilla Firefox

Step 2: Direct Get this Link Blocksite. Also do it Copy the url and paste now your Address bar.


Step 3: Click Add to Firefox. And Then Click install.install Complete See now Restart Click Restart now.


Step 4: Now Restart Firefox to enable add-on. You see a message of successful installation.


Step 5: Get the Firefox Menu And Click Add-ons


Step 6: Click on “Extensions” Tab. And Click Block site Add-ons “Options”

Step 7: See the Pop-up Menu. Check mark the all boxes top see. Then Click Add, Enter the URL you want to block website Click OK.

Step 8: Then Click OK. All Done Enjoy

Note: Next time Whenever you visit the blocked website you see this notification popping up.


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