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Best things about Chittagong city



 Chittagong is a city on the banks of the Karnaphuli River between the hill tracks and the Bay of Bengal, near the south eastern part of Bangladesh. … It is the second largest city with largest international coastal seaport. Best things about Chittagong city

Chittagong city

About Chittagong

Chittagonians will tell you that their birthplace is one of the hundred top sea ports in the world; it has one of the most advantageous regional locations; if you construct a deep sea port, the benefits would pour in; it has huge river connectivity; great place for small, light, medium, and heavy industries; it has tourism facilities, both utilised and otherwise; it could produce huge power and energy; and no other region in the country perhaps matches with Chittagong in terms of education, culture, language, and heritage. Best things about Chittagong city


History of Chittagong

Chittagong is a 2000-year-old city. It was an Arab port, a Portuguese pirate stronghold, an Arrakanese stakeout, before finally being co-opted by the British during the first Partitition of Bengal in 1905. Chittagong had a port even before the city of Mumbai

Even if you’re not a Chittagonian and are watching the city from afar, you’re also bound to agree with all this. Unfortunately, Chittagong’s potential has been historically grossly ignored when it comes to Bangladesh’s development. Best things about Chittagong city



Chittagong had at least 10 ministers during the BNP regime, yet they (the Chittagonians with power) had contributed little to take this economic hub to the next level. Best things about Chittagong city



The present regime also has a few Chittagonian stalwarts, and we still see very little efforts from them to convince the government to focus on strengthening the state of affairs.

Chittagong, like always, is still in a sorry condition. Despite contributing to the national GDP, the situation in Chittagong is on the wane every day. But according to a report in an English daily, Chittagong generates 40% of the country’s industrial output, 80% of its international trade, and 50% of its governmental revenue. The stock market in Chittagong had more than 700 listed companies with a market capitalisation of $32 billion in June 2015. Best things about Chittagong city



Chaotic public transport, traffic anarchy due to narrow and dilapidated roads, and scarcity in water and electricity supply have given the city a rather medieval look.

Imagine an investor making his way from Chittagong airport to the main city. What would be his experience?

When you’re entering the city from the airport, you’d see long queues of cargo lorries parked on the street. It shows that the city doesn’t have a depot for these vehicles. It took more than 40 years to start improving the condition of Dhaka-Chittagong trunk road. Best things about Chittagong city



Aesthetic place’s

We don’t know why they moved to Dhaka, but informed sources say that they left Chittagong as the resources of running their operation from the port city ran out.

Among many attractive places, simply look at Patenga where thousands flock every day. Our governments have been telling us since the 90s that the infrastructure of Patenga would improve, but no one has done anything about it.

Chittagong has two other beautiful beaches, Parki and Kattali. The condition of these beaches have been neglected over the years. These are occupied by unplanned structures destroying the beauty. Best things about Chittagong city

Thoughts about Chittagong

If you just think of the livability of Chittagong, you’d probably start to lose your sleep. Most parts of the city are waist-deep in water and life becomes paralysed even by average rainfall. The problem of water-logging has worsened as the measures against it are quite inadequate and ill-planned.

The city authorities, in the history of Chittagong in independent Bangladesh, have always promised a lot of things for the city. But after being elected, they have either forgotten the promises or have taken insufficient initiatives to rid the Chittagonians of this perennial problem.

The Chittagonians think that there’s a lack of planning and willingness to develop the city. They also think the people of Chittagong are also responsible for the poor condition of a city that has all five elements such as plain land, hills, rivers, beaches, and forest.

Chittagong is one of the rare cities in the world to harvour all the good elements of nature in one place. The people of Chittagong have failed to probe into and report the issues that are afflicting the city to their government. No one knows how long the city can sustain all these afflictions. Best things about Chittagong city 




 Best Things About Chittagong














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