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Best School in Chittagong Board 2018



Best Schools in Chittagong Board 2018 are made according to the result of SSC, JSC, PSC examination. If you are looking for best school in Chittagong Board, You are in the right place where you will get the best schools in chittagong 2018

The list of best schools in Chittagong district is given below which answers all your queries regarding your child’s future and helps you to take the right decision.



Chittagong Collegiate School and College:


Chittagong Collegiate School is one of the ancient schools in Chittagong established in 1836. It has the largest campus which was beautifully constructed with red brick due to British rule. The motto of this government school is “Truth shall prevail”. The students enrolled themselves from class five to class ten. The school is well equipped and facilitated with modern advancement, teachers, curriculum, sports etc. The academic and public examination results are also noticeable. Besides, it had achieved country’s Best School Award in 1992. The government introduced its college section in 2008 and renamed the institution as Chittagong Collegiate School and College.

This renowned institution has witnessed to build up some great souls who contribute a lot to the society in their respective sectors like in teaching, entertainment, politics, business, literature, science and so on. Founder of Grameen Bank and Microcredit theory of Economics, Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Bengali Poet Nabinchandra Sen, Actor Abul Hayat, Politician and Businessman Engr. Mosharraf Hossain is one of them.

The success of these legends signifies the glorified history of Chittagong Collegiate School and College. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018


Government Muslim High School:

This is another old faculty of Chittagong. This is the school was established in 1909. The campus of this school is about 2500 Acres. More 2500 Students are presently enrolled in this institution. Ayub Bacchu, Leading Band of Bangladesh, Sarwar Jahan Nizam, Former Vice Admiral of Bangladesh Navy, Present City Corporation Mayor AJM Nasir Uddin, etc.  are the famous, notable alumni of this school. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018


Dr. Khastagir Govt. Girls’ High School:

Dr. AnnadacharanKhastagir was the pioneer in women’s education in Chittagong during the late 19thcentury. He established a girls’ public school by his name in 1907 which is Dr. Khastagir Govt. Girls’ High School.The motto of this school is to provide knowledge, integrity, and service. Currently, 2000 students are studying in this institution from class 1 to class 10. The school has earned fame and respect for its academic excellence, extra-curricular activities, and development of girls’ education. It is considered the topmost school for girls in Chittagong. It was the top-ranked school in the SSC examination in the Chittagong Education Board. The school has continuously ranked high in the country in the JSC and SSC exam. In the consecutive three years from 2011-2013, the school topped in JSC examination merit list in Chittagong. Besides academics, the institution made its name in cultural activities as well.

As the school puts every effort to nourish their girls in the light of women empowerment, it is obvious that it had produced some remarkable gems in the last 110years. Anti-British revolutionary, KalpanaDatta and PritilataWaddedar, Sculptor Novera Ahmed, Politician Late Ivy Rahman and many more uncountable souls.

The school is stick to its motto and continues to provide quality education and raise the girls with a view to living with dignity and honor. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018


Nasirabad Government High School (Boys):

The School was established in the pre-liberation period. This is the boy’s school in Chittagong. This school provides education from class five to class 10. Total numbers of students are three thousand. Nasirabad Government High School maintains double shift to provide educational facilities. The classrooms are connected with British Council. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018


Bakaliya Government Laboratory High School

The school was established before liberation war in 1967. It is also known as Bakaliya Government Laboratory High School. There are two shifts in the school which separated boys and girls.  Morning shift for girls and day shift for males.  Total numbers of students are about two thousand. This school provides education from primary level to secondary level.  It is situated at Bakaliya thana. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018



Nou-Bahini School and College:

This institution is also known as Bangladesh Navy School & College. It is one of top 10 schools in Chittagong. Like Chittagong Cantonment Public College, this school is governed by the Bangladesh Navy. This school provides both primary and secondary level of Education. This institution started its journey in 1977. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018


Ispahani School and College:

The school was established in 1979. The founder of the school was Mirza Ahmed Ispahani. It is a public and also a combined school. It started it’s journey from kg-1 to class 8. But now it provides education from class 3 to higher secondary level. Recently it started

English Medium school system.  There are two shifts to provide better education to the students.  About 50 teacher offers tuition in this school. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018


Chittagong Government Girl’s High School:

This is one of the leading girl’s School in Chittagong, established in 1984. It provides education from class 5 to class 10. Students need to take part in an admission test before entering the institute. The school is famous for its well trained and excellent teaching faculty. Around 1500 students currently enrolled here. The institute provides transportation facilities by its own means. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are highly encouraged for the development of the mental faculty of the students.  Best School in Chittagong Board 2018


Bangladesh Mahila Samiti Girls’ High School & College:

This institution is known as BMS (Bangladesh Mahila Samiti) or ‘BWA’ (Bangladesh Women’s Association) Girls’ High School & College. It was established in 1962. The motto of this school is “Knowledge is enlightenment, Education is ideal”. It provides education from playgroup to class 12. More than 6000 students are currently studying in this institution. The school has excelled in academics and extra-curricular activities.Women empowerment and leading women towards development is their aim to build up their girls for the future.In 2013, it ranked 3rd in the JSC examination in Chittagong division.

In the Previous post, we discussed top 10 School in Dhaka.Thank you very much for your valuable time with a list of Chittagong school. I hope you get all your answers regarding the Top 10 School In Chittagong 2018 by reading this article. All the necessary information is discussed here in detail but still if you have any query left then feel free to comment below. We are here to help you in any manner. Stay tuned with us and do subscribe to get all the latest updates. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018



Chittagong Cantonment Public School and College:

One of the leading public institutions is Chittagong Cantonment Public School, established in 1961. The college section establishes in 1981. It is considered the best educational institution in the country due to its competitive curriculum and outstanding performance of the meritorious students. This school is surrounded by hills, where you find the scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The combination of modern facilities of education and natural beauty develops the student’s body and mind so that they can excel in every zone. Their motto is “Allah gives me wisdom”. As the army governs the school so the discipline over here is strictly maintained. Around 2500 students studied here in school. In 2002, it achieved the laurel of the best institution in the national level. It has the glory of maintaining 100% success rate in SSC and HSC. The school has been declared the Best institution in Chittagong division in 2016 by Ministry of Education of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Govt. Along with academics, there are many scopes to flourish in the sports sector as well. Programs like Summer National Sports Competition, Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, International Earth Science Olympiad, and Astro Olympiad 2016 etc. held time to time to break the monotony of the studies and the students will refresh due to the competitive tasks. Different competitions are held regularly under the banner of Inter-House Competition. For example debate, recitation, music, games, and sports, painting, wall magazine etc. Besides this, the school is also associated with different projects with different organizations like Connecting Classroom Project with British Council and many more. Best School in Chittagong Board 2018






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