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How to Add a Follow Button on Facebook Account?

Hey aponu Fans, Today i will show a new Tune for How do you turn on the follow button on Facebook? And Also Guide How do you set up followers on Facebook? People are also do it this post How do you turn on followers on Facebook? So read this Article and explain now get Add follow button facebook account?

What is Follow Button on Facebook Means?

On Facebook, the following is what you do when you want to see a person’s updates, but you’re not really a friend. You see your messages, but you do not see yours, as a one-sided friendship. It is an easy way for followers to follow celebrities or public figures without the person needing to respond in kind. But you can only see public posts and you can like and give comments on those public posts

When you add someone as a friend, you automatically follow, and they follow you automatically. This means that you can see the posts of others in News Feed. When you follow someone you’re not friends with, you’ll see posts they’ve publicly shared in your news feed.

This Article Help this How to Add Follow Button on Facebook Profile Accounts, And Turn on the Facbook Follow Button?

How Do You Set up Followers on Facebook?

Step to Step Following now And Turn on The Follow Button on Facebook Account Profile?

Step 1: Get the Facebook. Log in your Account.

Step 2: Click the Drop down arrow top right corner > And Click Setting

Step 3: Click the “Public Post” in the left hand side column.

Step 4: See now “Who Can Follow Me” options And Select a Select “Public” from the drop-down arrow.

Step 5: All Done Enjoy .




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