About The Beautiful Beach Of St. Martin’s And Hotels


About Of St. Martin’s

St. Martin’s is Beautiful Place For Tourist.It is a Coral Island Located in The North-Eastern Part of Bangopasagrer in the South of Bangladesh.St. Martin’s is a Small Island Situated in the South of the Border of Bangladesh. It is About 8 km West of the Northwest Coast of Myanmar at the Mouth of the Naf River.St. Martin’s Island is Very Popular Tourist Spot.Some of the Crew were Discovered 250 Years Ago. They Named it “Jazeera.” In the Period of British Rule, it was Renamed as “St. Martin’s” Island. The Local Name of the Island is Coconut Zinjira.If you Want to Visit this Land you Can Book Your Trip Either From Chittagong or From Cox’s Bazar.

Geography Volume

The Size of the Island of St. Martins is About 8 Square Kilometres And is Long North-South. Geologically it is Divided Into Three Parts . The Island is About 5.63 Kilometers Long in the North and South. The Width of the Island Somewhere 700 Metres is 200 Metres Again. The Only Way to Reach St. Martin’s Island is By Water Transportation: Boats and Ships (Mostly for Tourists) From Teknaf. In the East, South and West of the Islands There are Countless Rocks in the Sea. The Island of St. Martins is Mainly Flat. The Main Construction Material of This Island is Limestone.


Best Season For Tour

St. Martin’s  You’ll Find the Best Climate and Weather in the Middle of November and February. This is the Main Tourist Season Here. The Tourists Must Always Notice the Weather Forecasts in the Month of March And July.Because The Cyclone Hit Here Repeatedly at This Time.

Surprise For Tourist

One of the Beauty of the Island is the Sunset. When you Get Lazy all Day Long, Seeing the Charming Beauty of Sunset Will Get you Tired. The Sunset Point is a Rocky Peninsula Located on the Northwest Corner of the Island, the Resort of St Martin, Which Only Includes Less Tide — A Popular Spot if the Sunset and Less Tide Coincide.

Rock Beach (Last Point of the Island). In Thousands of Years Water Flowing Rocks are Formed. A Million-Year-Old Stone Made From South Point Reef. The Area is Popular as Rock Beach and is Seen Touring on Foot. Among the Rock Beaches are Lizards, Itinerant Birds and Posh Sweet Water Turtles.

Hotel For Tourist

There Have a Many Hotel to Spending your Night so That’s No Matter But If are you New This Place so it is Hard for You to Finding a Best Hotel.Now I Will Show you Best Hotel for you,such as

Neel Digante Resort

Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa

Sunset Serenity Resort, St. Martin’s Island, Bangladesh

Princess Heights Luxury Boutique Condo Hotel

Simpson Bay Resort and Marine



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