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How to Screen Record on Windows 7/8/10 | Screen Recording Windows

Screen recording is an extremely efficient way to present something to an audience (especially for a novice audience) precisely. Also, you can record the game play screen, and make tutorial and tricks video by record the screen,no need microphones and webcams. You can quickly and easily record Pc Desktop or Laptop screen with sound, in win 7/win 8/win 10.


How to record the windows screen without any software
How to record the windows screen using software


Free software is not best, because you can record screen 2 minutes or less, you need to long time record, then what will you do. 3 best screen recorder Filmora scrn Screen Recorder or Camtasia Screen Recorder or Movavi Screen Recorder is the best software to resolve the headache that users may not find the suitable tool to help them record their screen. with the all-in-one features, users not only can record videos, but they also can edit recordings with powerful editing suite. The interface is extremely simple and easy to learn, so if you are a beginner in this field, there is nothing to worry to give it a shot.



Method  1: How to record the windows screen without any software.

Didn’t know you could record your screen with PowerPoint, the presentation software included with Microsoft Office? It’s true — the latest versions of PowerPoint include the feature.

#1: Open the Microsoft PowerPoint a program.

#2: Head to the ‘Insert’ tab, and select ‘Screen Recording’.

#3: Click “Select Area” to choose the specific area of your screen you want to record. If you want to record the entire screen, press the Windows Key, Shift and “F.”

#4: Click the “record” button,” or press the Windows key, Shift and “R.

When you’re done you can save the video as a separate file to access or embed as you see fit. Editing and control options are very limited after that, but it’s a great option for quick-and-dirty recording — especially if you’re doing it for a looming presentation.



Method 2: How to record the windows screen using software

The best screen recorder software is Filmora scrn and Camtasia. i’ll show you, How to screen record on wondows using the filmora scrn, Free activated.

#1. Download and install the Filmora scrn

#2. Open the Filmora scrn and Select the Quick Capture

#3. Click Start Screen Capture or press F10 to start the screen recordPress F9 to Pause, and Press F10 to Stop

#4. After the recording is done, a new window is presented before you. Using the drop-down menu, you can either export clips to the editor or simply save to your computer.

#5. That’s it.

More information for Free Screen Recorder.




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