Monisha is a victim of gender discrimination

Monisha is a poor girl. She read in class seven.
One day she stopped going to school because of don’t able to paying her fees to the school.
Her family also agreed to marry her, but her family could not afford to pay the huge amount of money in the groom’s house.Finally a groom’s party is fixed.But her husband was 15 years older than her. After the marriage, she saw the real nature of her husband.Her husband was unemployed and moneylender.Because of that, Manisa was often beaten to bring money from his father’s house.
One day she could not bring the money according to her husband’s demand.So her husband gave him the devorces.

Then he took shelter in her father’s house.
Monisha was also confident from the poor family. So she took training for 3 months from youth development.Then she borrowed some money from the Commissioner of the area and bought 30 chickens and kept it properly.
Within a year, the number of her chicken stood at 200.Now three years later, he owns 3 chicken farms. Now she is one of the chicken meat and egg suppliers in her upazila. Besides, now she is thinking of giving a cow farm.She is training women and giving loan to women in her village.
In just three years, she made herself and her family self-reliant.Now comes the proposal of her wedding from good family.

Moral:Who dares wins.

Written by Habib Ullah Miyazi

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