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How To Delete All Comments on WordPress

How To Remove All Comments Single One Click in WordPress?

Hi aponu Fans Today i will show a new Tech-Tune  For ( WordPress CMS-BLOG) How to Delete all Approved Comments in WordPress. And also guide How to Delete All Spam message For your Wordhey Press CMS-BLOG. So hey guys Lets do’it and follow this Guide lines:- Delete comments WordPress

Some people are not likes Comments, And Also Some site owners did’not like Comments options.  So i will show a how to Disable All Comments and Remove All Comments For your (WordPress CMS-BLOG).Many other people visit blog and writting a Spam Comments and site owner feel the boring thats means owner Disable the Comments options.


Comment spam is a term used by spam blacklist servers such as Project Honey Pot to refer to a broad category of spambot or spammer postings which abuse web-based forms to post unsolicited advertisements as comments on forums, blogs, wikis and online guestbooks.

How To Delete All Comments on WordPress Plugins?

This is probably the least technical way to Delete All comments in WordPress.Simply install the Delete All Comments Easily.The easiest way to install the add-on is to go to the Plugins page in the admin panel and then search for “Delete All Comments Easily”. The plugin we recommend is the first one listed, although you will see several others that could be used. This plugin is a quick way to Delete All comments in WordPress.

Delete comments WordPress or All Pending Comments Easily

The Plugin Helps you in Deleting All the Comments (Approved,Pending,Spam and Trashed Comments) From your WordPress Site or you can Just Delete All the Pending Comments.

Step 1: Download Delete All Comments Easily Plugins.

Step 2:  Select a Plugins >Add new >Upload Plugin >Choose file >Install now. And also Do it Search >Delete All Comments Easily >install Now.

Step 3: Activate the plugin.

Step 4: Select Tools Click  Delete All Comments Easily

Step 5: You want Select now Delete all comments Or Delete all pending comments Check the box And click Delete All Comments buttton.

Step 6: All Done Enjoy


We are hope this post is very helpful Delete All Comments or All Pending Comments Easily please leaves it’s Comments below.

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