How to Chat and Send Facebook Messages without messenger

This aponu teaches for you, How can I use Facebook messages without Messenger. And How can I chat on Facebook without Messenger. Follow the instruction and chat send facebook messages without messenger app on your android and iOS all device

How do i chat send facebook messages without messenger

#How Can i access facebook messages without Messenger Android
#How Can i access facebook messages without messenger iOS

Facebook announced that it was deactivating the messaging service in its official Facebook application for iOS, android, forcing users to switch to their Facebook Messenger application to continue sending and receiving messages from their friends. This move by the company to force users to use their application of independent messaging was not appreciated by many.


However, if you want to get rid of this restriction and continue to chat with your friends without using the Facebook Messenger application, you can follow any of the methods described below. In this post, we will share two methods that will allow you to send messages on Facebook without using the standalone Messenger application. how to use facebook chat without messenger, you need to just web browser example ChromeFirefoxUc Browser or other default browser in your mobile phone.

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How can I chat on Facebook without Messenger?

Step 1: Launch you’r browser, Firefox,Chrome or Other

Step 2: Get the mbasic.facebook.com. Log in your account.

Step 3: Tap on “Message” button.

Step 4: and you’r see the all messages on facebook.

Step 5: Select a friend if you want to chat. Then start a chatting

Step 6: That’s it.


Note: you can use this mbasic facebook and share photos and post chatting in your account



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