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Best Science and Technology Universities in Bangladesh


Best science and technology Universities in bangladesh that offers science, technology and engineering education are preparing the next generation of young innovators by promoting and integrating science, engineering and technology into their curriculum, universities often create more meaningful learning experiences for their students.
Another reason why science, engineering and technology education is so important for students is the reality of today’s top growing economic sectors. Jobs that rely on science, engineering and technology education are among the fastest growing sectors, both in Bangladesh and abroad as well. Students with a solid background in these disciplines can pursue their dream careers, which are likely to offer excellent salary potential.


Universities in Bangladesh are mainly categorized into different types: 

1. Public (government owned and subsidized)
2. Private (private sector owned universities), and
3. International (operated and funded by international organizations)
Bangladeshi universities are affiliated with the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh


  1. Most universities are focuses on
    1. Engineering and Technology.
  2. Business Administration and
  3. Arts and Social Sciences


Here is the best Science and Engineering University According To World Rank:

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology: BUET is a public university in Bangladesh, which focuses on the study of engineering and architecture. Founded in 1912, it is the oldest institution for the study of engineering, architecture and urban planning in Bangladesh.

Every year, around 1055 students get accepted to their undergraduate programs to study engineering, architecture, and urban planning. Of the 10,000 candidates selected to write the undergraduate admission test from an initial application pool of over 10,000 applicants, only about the top 10% are admitted. Around 1000 graduate students are accepted into their Masters and PhD programmes on an annual basis. The total number of teachers is around 600. With the construction of new academic buildings, an auditorium complex, and halls of residence, the university has continued to expand over the last three decades. BUET has been ranked 135th among the Asian universities in the 2018 edition of QS World University Rankings. Best Science and Technology Universities in Bangladesh



Shahjalal University of Science and Technology: AKA SUST is a state supported university located in Sylhet, is the first university to adopt American credit system in Bangladesh. It is the 8th oldest university of the country.

The university was founded by the Government of Bangladesh according to a university act in 1986 to give special importance in science and technology education. SUST was established as the first specialized science & technology university of the country. After SUST, seven more science and technology universities have been established in Bangladesh.

SUST is traditionally known for research and education in the physical sciences and engineering. It is one of the most selective higher learning institutions, and received 41,285 undergraduate applicants for 2015-2016 session only admitting 1,448; an acceptance rate of 3.51%. Best Science and Technology Universities in Bangladesh




Khulna University of Engineering & Technology: commonly known as KUET formally BIT, Khulna, is a public engineering university of Bangladesh emphasizing education and research on engineering and technology. This is a renowned university for the study of engineering in Khulna, Bangladesh. Best Science and Technology Universities in Bangladesh



Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology: commonly known as RUET , is one of the seventeen PhD granting public research universities in Bangladesh. It is one of the five prestigious public universities in the country that specialises in the field of engineering.

RUET was founded in 1964 as Rajshahi Engineering College with a limited number of students. It was then changed to Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT) in 1986 and was finally renamed Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET) in 2003.

At present, more than 3500 students are pursuing their higher study in this green campus including under-graduate and post-graduate with over 250 prominent faculty members in diverse field of expertise. The medium of instruction and necessary assessment of this university is English. Best Science and Technology Universities in Bangladesh



Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology: commonly  referred to as CUET, located in Raozan UpazilaChittagong DistrictBangladesh, is renowned as one of the public engineering universities in Bangladesh. The university maintains a special emphasis on research.

The university offers degrees in engineering disciplines in undergraduate and post-graduate levels and also conducts research and provides degrees in basic sciences in post-graduate level. There are fifteen academic departments under five faculties emphasizing teaching and research of engineering, technology, architecture and planning. Best Science and Technology Universities in Bangladesh



Patuakhali Science and Technology University: commonly  referred to as PSTU is a government-financed public university in Patuakhali, Bangladesh. PSTU has given affiliation to the Barisal Government Veterinary College as its constituent faculty.[1] This is the only science and technology university and first public university in Barisal division. Best Science and Technology Universities in Bangladesh




Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology or commonly known as AUST, is the first private engineering university to be established in Bangladesh. The University is considered as one of the finest engineering universities in Bangladesh, which was founded by the Dhaka Ahsania Mission in 1995. Dhaka Ahsania Mission is a non-profit voluntary organization in Bangladesh. The Mission was established in 1958 by Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah.



Islamic University of Technology (IUT) is an international university in Bangladesh. It is one of the leading and prestigious engineering and research institution in Bangladesh run and funded by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). IUT is also a subsidiary organ of OIC. The university offers degrees in engineering disciplines in undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The main objective of IUT is to contribute in developing the human resources of the member states of the OIC in the fields of engineering, technology and technical education. IUT receives direct endowment from OIC member countries and offers scholarships to its students in the form of free tuition, boarding, lodging and medicare. The aesthetic campus was designed by Turkish architect Pamir Mehmet, an MIT graduate. Best Science and Technology Universities in Bangladesh



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